Course Description

You have probably heard of it or have already been exposed to it-Mind Mapping. When I first heard about it, I thought it was something mystical, magical maybe.

It isn't.

On the contrary it is in total alignment with how our brains think when we are are thinking effectively, creatively and with excellence. Today, all the new researches in brain sciences and neurosciences substantiate the fact that in its most simplest form the process and technology of mind mapping helps you think, brainstorm, structure and plan better.

This course is very visual, interactive and simplifies the science and the practice of mind mapping such that you learn it fast and apply it to many aspects of your work and life faster and effectively.

Sign up, learn and enjoy in less than two hours of total time.

Chief Learning Facilitator

Raju Mandhyan

I am an author of five books on communication skills and entrepreneurial leadership. As a cross-cultural coach and learning facilitator I have 15 years of experience in personal and organizational development. I have coached thousands of executives and delivered powerful keynotes for hundreds of conferences across the Asian-Pacific region.I am certified and a trained practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mind-Mapping as well as Appreciative Inquiry. I am also certified through the American Management Association’s Train the Trainer program. I am the 2005 District Champion of Evaluation and a Distinguished Toastmaster as of 2014. In 2010, I had the rare honor of presenting at the American Society of Training and Development’s annual conference in Chicago.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Defining & Describing

  • 2

    Variations to the Technology

    • Variation to the Technology

  • 3

    Rationale, Mind Mapping

    • Session 3 Rationale of Mind Mapping

    • Mind Mapping Article from Walk Your Talk

  • 4

    The Mind Mapping Process

    • Session 4 Process of Mind Mapping

    • Session 4 Mind Mapping 2nd Time

    • Session 4 Process in Class Bonus

    • Mind Mapping Laws and Benefits

    • Practice Mind Map

  • 5

    Key Word Importance

    • Session 4 Process-Keyword Importance

    • Session 4 Activity in Class

  • 6

    Applications, Mind Mapping

    • Session 5 Application of Mind Mapping

    • Session 5 Application Explained in Class: Presentation Skills

    • Supportive Reading: FORCE people to remember your Presentations

  • 7

    Sustaining the Practice

    • Sustaining the Practice

    • Supportive Reading: Mastering your Materials and Refining the Message